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We CAN do support LAB that develop
autonomous mobility system



CANLAB is an abbreviation for CanSupport Lab. It is a company equipped with a laboratory composed of autonomous driving and AI technology experts and the latest mass production facilities. ​

We provide technology to research and development labs, SMEs and startups that need solutions combined with artificial intelligence, such as AI robots and autonomous driving. And the goal is to support this up to mass production. In addition, it is a company that provides optimal solutions and products to companies that develop systems that accomplish their goals through artificial intelligence.​

Currently, as an overseas OEM, we are mass-producing autonomous driving processing devices and cameras and supplying them to customers. In the future, we plan to develop AI-related developments such as autonomous vehicles and AI robots, as well as future businesses such as drones and unmanned delivery. We will support companies to develop and mass-produce more easily by supporting Canlab's platform. ​

We will become a company that helps customers to research more easily with technology and ideas.​

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About Us

Platform development business

CANLAB will research and develop optimal solutions for autonomous driving and AI systems, such as sensing cameras, sensor brackets, and capture systems, to become the best partner in the development business to achieve excellent results pursued by customers.

“CANLAB is a Platform Driven Company.

We provide technologies and ideas  to companies that develops AI system”


Autonomous car camera

ECU for autonomous car

Verify embedded
AI solution

Data acquisition device

• Factory for sensing camera

• Develop sensing camera and

   carrier board

autonomou car(black).png

Autonomous Car

• Carrier board for Nvidia solution

    (Jetson NX, NANO, XAVIER,     


• Automotive ECU by TDA series

   - TDA 2.X solution

   - TDA 4VM solution

• Verification for ISO21448 


• HIL(Hardware In the loop)


• Acquisition device base on       

   industrial PC

• Acquisition device base on


• Acquisition device base on

   TDA series


AI Robot




Unmanned Delivery & Distribution

auto ship(b).png

Autonomous Ship

flying car(b).png

Flying Car


Autonomous weapon

Company Intro

Business Part


Canlab autonomous driving research institute is building the process from advanced development to mass production through continuous R&D investment for rapidly developing AI technology research and technology exchange with domestic and foreign advanced companies and excellent research institutes.

We are building a specialized research system for developing advanced AI platforms such as autonomous vehicles and AI robots, as well as future businesses such as drones and unmanned delivery.

clpe 정면.png

Platform Business




Canlab Mass Production Factory located in ANSAN provides state-of-the-art equipment based on superior sensing camera manufacturing technology, It is composed of highly skilled personnel to smoothly supply products with the highest stability.

It is in optimal condition.

VF35 trifocal 측정면.png
VF34 측정면.png

Mass Production Factory

Development Support Service

현대 OEM

OEM Client company : Hyundai Motors Application : Autonomous Taxi Date : 2021. 08 Service case - An autonomous driving service is implemented using an image processing device of a CANLAB - The image processing apparatus of the CANLAB provides a sensor monitoring function for obtaining an autonomous driving license

현대 Vehicle

Client company : Hyundai Motors Application : Autonomous Shuttle Date : 2021. 08 Service case - An autonomous driving service is implemented using an image processing device of a CANLAB - The image processing apparatus of the CANLAB provides a sensor monitoring function for obtaining an autonomous driving license

현대 Product

Client company : ERAE AMS (for VINFAST) Application : VF35 ADAS For developing functions Date : 2021. 05 Service case - Acquire Vietnamese and US data using CANLAB's data acquisition device - It is used to mass-produce ADAS functions through the acquired data



“We believe our customers are trying to change the world with endless ideas and technologies. We will always be with you as a friend and advisor as our clients turn their goals into reality.”



“CANLAB is always with good customers”



“Let's get 1000 good customers”



Courageous decisions and actions for success   

As you walk along the street, there are various crossroads you meet. At the end of it, you can relax in a beautiful scenery and sometimes get into countless difficulties. However, you will only see positive or negative results if you overcome your fear of consequences and move forward. Even if we face difficult results, we do not give up, so the consequences of negation will also be a great asset to us. As a result, a courageous decision will bring great success to Canlab, a result of overcoming difficulties or a lesson, regardless of "positive results" or "negative results".


Gratitude for the natural

We are so close that there are things we take for granted.
A family that always supports you by your side.
Colleagues walking down together.
Customers who trust and seek us out.
Gratitude for things that we forget and take for granted because we are so close.
It is necessary to realize the preciousness of this naturalness and always express gratitude sincerely.

Such a heart will make us more united and make us or ourselves a more valuable person or organization in the community.


Everyone around me is a good teacher for us

We can't always be right.

Also, it may not be all we know.
So we always need an attitude to learn. We always have good teachers by our side.
We can learn the good and the bad from them.
Good things are good and bad things have to be learned in the opposite evolutive direction.
If you always want to learn with an open mind, we and Canlab will be able to reach a higher place.


Active challenges based on autonomy

No one can make our lives and the company life of Canlab for us.

It is up to us to decide our destiny.
Based on the autonomy of CanLab and the fate facing each of us, we must actively and challengingly take on all situations and problems.

This posture will give us the power to control our direction and speed.


Rights and Responsibilities

With rights come responsibilities.

We often forget to speak of responsibilities followed by rights.

When the responsibility is fulfilled, the right will be given, and when the right is given, the responsibility will follow.In our Canlab culture, everyone should acquire rights through responsibility.
If you want to enjoy your rights without liability, you can't be with us.



Make your own history through records

It is said that when people die, they leave their names, and when tigers die, they leave behind their skins. The only way to leave your name in the company is to record it.
For a company to develop with continuity, the best way is to record constantly.

By recording and leaving behind all the results of the process, I hope that you will leave the history of the company, and also leave personal history in the history of the company.
The company will remember you.

Sep.   Participated in IAA TRANSPORTATION in Germany

Jul.    Obtained Inno-Biz​ Certification

기술혁신형 중소기업(Inno-Biz)확인서 .png

Jun.    Released Data Acquisition System

Mar.    Obtained IATF 16949(Quality) Certification​

IATF16949 인증서.png

Apr.    Driver monitoring Camera mass production shipment

           Obtained Confirmation of a company specializing

           in materials, parts, and equipment

21년 4월 특허증_복수의카메라및차량단말.jpg

Patent registration 'Method for booting a plurality of cameras and vehicle terminal'







Extending move R&D Center

Establishment of korea Ansan Factory for mass product​

Patent registration 'A method of operating an infrared LED to monitor a driver's movement and a driver sensing system comprising the infrared LED'







First shipment of mass-produced products

21년 9월 특허증_운전자의움직임.jpg
소재부품장비 전문기업확인서.jpg










































Certificate of Excellent Company in Technology Evaluation

Patent registration 'Obstacle detection method and obstacle detection device for vehicle obstacle detection'





Established CANLAB VINA in Vietnam.

Signed MOU with new industrial convergence technology in Ajou University.​

20년 2월 기술평가 우수기업.jpg
20년 5월 특허증_장애물.jpg
Signed MOU





















Established CANLAB Co., Ltd.

Establishment R&D Center in Gasan Digital Complex

Certification KOREA Venture business association.








Selected as Start-Up NEST from KODIT.​


Recognition Award by the SMBA of Daegu city.

19년 9월 Start-up nest.jpg
19년 9월 표창장-대구중소벤처기업.jpg
Core Commitment



School & Lab

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