AI Solution


CANLAB is a company founded by experts of autonomous vehicle system.


In the future, autonomous vehicle are expected to use multiple cameras as well as radar and lidar.

To accomplish this, it is very important to synchronize data from various sensors. We expect autonomous vehicles to be completed as soon as possible. Until then, we will take the lead in building a safe autonomous vehicle system based on optimized sensor data synchronization technology. We will be a company that helps our customers to research more easily with technology and ideas.

CANLAB Technology


Data acquisition

We provide a data acquisition device that can handle all kinds of sensor data. . It can facilitate algorithm development and be helpful to meet the requirements of ADAS using accurate and precise data collected through data acquisition devices. Are you looking for the device to connect to your camera? We can do it.

face detector.png

AI processing

We can help you develop AI system by providing an easy-to-use interface for NVIDIA or embedded systems. And We offer customized designs that meet your needs and technologies that can help you build an AI platform.

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Data Injection

You can use our portable HIL instrument to check the robustness of the algorithm. Our HIL instruments can be used to verify the algorithms implemented in the GMSL camera.The same RAW data as GMSL cameras can be transferred in a data format.