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Credit Guarantee Fund's 6th NEST 'U-connect series NEST demo day' was a success.

Dec 10, 2019

Today (10th), 6th Y & Archer nursery companies of "Start-up NEST," a start-up NEST program by the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund (Chairman Yoon Dae-hee, hereinafter Shinbo) held a demonstration day at the IFC Business Center in Rehobot Prime Yeouido.

Start-up NEST is Shinbo's excellent startup development platform and is a one-stop complex support program consisting of accelerating, financial support, and linking domestic and foreign investors so that startups with growth potential can enter the growth path. Twelve Y&Archer child care companies held pitching and showcase events, with VC, the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund, and related organizations participating in the event.

The 12 participating companies are as follows. Dive Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Antonio) <Blockchain Cloud Infrastructure Service DAIOS>, Daeobision Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Kyo-won) <High Efficiency Plasma Dissipation Technology of Carbon Nanofluoride for Adding Complex Materials>, Dooisechem Co., Ltd. <High Performance Cellulose Nanofiber Materials and Applications>, The age of gourmet (CEO Bang Nam-jin) <Smart gourmet information platform 'The age of gourmet>, OH MY PLAY Co., Ltd. <Playing Record Platform Based on Sports Video>, Clesson Co., Ltd. (Kim Hyung-joon, co-CEO Choi Hyung-soon) <Education platform where top tier artists in the art field directly explain their know-how>, WeA Friends Co., Ltd. (CEO Cho Gye-yeon) <TreeFriend, a friend-based service based on interests through AI algorithms>, Culture Factory (Kim Yi-joo, co-CEO Park Jin-woo) <brain fitness device capable of preventing dementia and testing cognitive functions for the elderly>, Canlab Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Tong-hyun) <Multi-channel heterogeneous sensor signal integrator based on functional safety for autonomous driving>, Inoflaztech Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Duk-yeon) <High Efficiency Plasma Dissipation Technology of Carbon Nanofluar Powder for Addition of Complex Materials>, Onshiping Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Jong-jin) <Global e-commerce sales channel integrated management solution>

Shin Jin-oh, CEO of Startup Accelerator Y & Archer, said, "The schedule will be completed with this 6th Nest demo day, but we will continue to pay attention to follow-up investment even after the Nest program for the success of the support companies."

In addition, as part of the U-Connect series, the "U-CONNECT 2019 FINAL" event will be held on the 10th floor of the 12/19 Seoul Startup Hub.

Source: Asia Herald(

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